Bevo Homes

Bevo is a neighborhood located in South St. Louis and it gets it’s name from the Bevo Mill which is a windmill resembling a German windmill designed for grain.  The area has a large population of European immigrants that has greatly improved the area and given it new life. Bevo has a unique culture, combining mostly Germanic and Dutch architecture, with a primarily Bosnian population, leading to a mix of cultures, food, and styles. The area was built up in the mid-1800s by German and Dutch settlers, where it remained, until population began to decline in the 1990s, and Bosnians moved in. Today, the area is thriving, with a unique cultural and architectural appeal, and a central location that allows you to drive to many of St. Louis’s attractions in just a few minutes. The area also has more than 20 grocery stores, four parks, and a relatively low cost of living. The entire area has been revitalized, and is now a popular neighborhood to move to, and has been steadily growing since the 1990s.

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