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More than a dozen local schools, 12 parks including the city’s most popular, Wilson Park, and well defined neighborhoods with their own history and culture, Granite City is as diverse as a much larger city. While first founded around a factory producing kitchen utensils known as Granite ware, most of the city is now residential rather than industrial. The city was also the place of a patent for creating easy patterning on enamel, and the resulting factories in the area eventually supported in excess of 4,000 jobs. It also resulted in a railroad hub, allowing new people to easily move in. The area includes well-kept residential homes and parks, as well as industrial areas, rental zones, and multiple churches, owing to its history as an immigrant town, where new residents sought out work in industrial factories in the area. 10 schools, which are popular for their diverse activities, strong sports and extracurricular activities, and a graduation rate 10% higher than the state average makes the city an excellent place for families with kids aged 3-18. Today, the area undergoes frequent renovations, and with a variety of neighborhoods, has something for almost everyone.

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