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The historic French influenced neighborhood of Soulard is located in southern end of St. Louis and is known for its historic farmers market. Houses for sale in this area have an average-listing price of $200,000, with homes ranging from affordable townhouses to 19th century mansions.

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Soulard (pronounced Soo-lard) is a French neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri. Named after Antoine Soulard, a Frenchman working as a Spanish surveyor, the land was settled and populated in the 1790’s and has grown into today’s thriving community. Home of historic churches and breweries; Soulard is one of the oldest neighborhoods in St. Lous, with a rich cultural history and thriving culture. With a local population of just over 3,500, the small neighborhood is historic, beautiful, and famous for its high concentration of bars, pubs, and music venues. Soulard is located about five minutes from St. Louis’ historic Arch, making it easy to find, and a quick drive away from any main destination for tourists.

Local Events in Soulard

Soulard plays host to popular St. Louis events including Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest and Bastille day, with Mardi Gras being the larger. A typical Mardi Gras festival will attract thousands of tourists, bringing income and traffic to the historic neighborhood. .

Bars & Nightlife

Soulard has been famous for its nightlife, especially in the musical industry for some time. Soulard deeply embraces the music of St. Louis, Jazz and Blues, and many of the large number of bars and nightclubs feature it live. In fact, the late James Crutchfield, famous blues piano player, played in Soulard regularly until his death. Pub crawls or barhopping is often a weekly event as well, and coincidently to the lifestyle of the neighborhood, the French word ‘soulard’ actually means drunkard.

Historic Places

Historic places in Soulard include multiple churches, a brewery built in the 1700’s, and unique yet beautiful architecture that is often worth visiting to see. Many of the homes date back to the mid-to-late 19th century, making the houses some of the oldest in St. Louis. With red brick construction, one of a kind architecture and buildings that sometimes predate the American Revolution, Soulard is a place of historic architecture and building.

Tourist Attractions

Other than the events in Soulard, most tourists visit for to see the architecture, visit the church and brewery, and the Soulard Farmers Market, which has opened every Wednesday through Saturday since 1779. Dining in Soulard can include eating in one of the typical restaurants that often feature elaborate outdoor eating courtyards which are themselves something to see. Tourists can also stay after dark to visit any of the many live music clubs, which most often feature traditional soul, blues, and jazz to get a true taste of the St. Louis Soulard lifestyle. The neighborhood is probably best appreciated at night for this purpose, although the locals will likely be drinking and bar hopping through the night, no matter the day of the week.

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