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stl-leaseSTL Lease allows visitors to explore St Louis apartments and rentals for lease in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Whether you are in search for a St Louis loft towntown, a flat in south city, or a townhome in St Louis county, you have come to the right place. STL has a number of different communties and neighborhoods with a wide selection of different apartments and rentals for lease. Renting a home or apartment in St Louis is a big deal. Not only will you be investing a great deal of your money in it each month, but the apartment or home will become your home. Renting it through someone that will treat you properly, appreciate you as a high investment customer and respond to your questions and concerns is important. If you’re going to lease a St Louis apartment or house, you don’t want to rent from the average landlord that you see in the movies. Pick someone who upkeeps their STL apartments, cares about tenants and does something to fix a problem. Here are a few quick ways you can go about that.

Featured Apartments for Lease in St. Louis


 Apartment Name  Phone Number  Apartment Name  Phone Number
 Adler Lofts  314-436-7746  Allen Market Lane Apartments  314-421-5860
 Bankers Lofts  314-436-2223  Bee Hat Lofts  314-241-7368
 Bogen Lofts  314-241-6644  Cambridge Heights  314-588-9091
 Caroline Place Apartments  314-772-7300  Chase Park Plaza  314-633-1100
 City Rentals  314-707-6676  Cortona at Forest Park  314-553-9322
 Cupples Station Loft Apartents  314-241-1225  District Apartments  314-685-8166
 Dorsa Lofts  314-436-2223  Ely Walker Lofts  314-436-7451
 Fairgrounds Park Place  314-534-7473  Fashion Square Place  314-621-9292
 Franklin School Apartments  314-588-100  Front Door  314-446-4501
 Gallery 400 Apartments  314-241-5870  Gallery 515 Apartments  314-421-4500
 Gallery Apartments  314-534-1323  Grace Lofts  314-588-1170
 Gentrys on the Landing 314-231-5444  GW Lofts  314-535-1411
 Hampton Gardens  314-832-1562    

Lease St Louis City Apartments  


 Gentry’s on the Landing  314-231-5444  
 Ely Walker Lofts  314-436-7451  
 Lofts at Lafayette Square  314-436-9800  
 University Lofts  314-531-2001  
 Front Door  314-446-4501  
 Renaisance Place at Grand  314-533-1880  
 Soulard Market Lofts  314-588-9990  
 Leather Trade Lofts  314-436-6760  
 The Brewery Apartments  314-436-1355  
 The Presiden/Park Royal  314-367-1207  
 Vangard Lofts  314-588-9992  
 Adler Lofts  314-436-7746  
 Terrace Lofts  314-621-7609  
 PW Shoe Lofts  314-721-8427  
 Caroline Place Apartments  314-772-7300  
 Bee Hat Lofts  314-241-7368  
 GW Lofts  314-535-1411  
The Edge Lofts 314-776-6000 Tags
 Cambridge Heights  314-588-9091  
Metro Lofts 314-367-2400  
 Murphy Park Apartments  314-436-2351  
 O’Fallon Place Apartments  314-421-6387  
City Rentals LLC 314-707-6676  
 Fairgrounds Park Place  314-534-7573  
Paul Brown Lofts 314-621-1100  
 Gallery 515 Apartments  314-421-4500  
The District Apartments  314-685-8166  
Gallery 400 Apartments  314-241-5870  
Pointe 400 Apartments  314-241-4005  
Chase Park Plaza Apartments  314-633-1100  
Forest Park Hotel  314-367-3300  
The Saum Apartments  888-558-4385  
Washington Ave Apartments  314-241-6999  
The York House  314-361-9675  
Fashion Square Loft 314-621-9292  
The Lofts at OPOP 314-621-5443  
Lofts at the Highlands 866-929-2911  
Warehouse 7 Lofts 314.621.7609  
 Majestic Stove Lofts  314-621-4050  
 Cupple Station Loft Apartments  314-241-1225  
 Metropolitan Artist Lofts  314-535-2110  
 Red Brick Management  314-361-7067  
 West Gate Lofts  314-241-8801  
 Hampton Gardens  314-832-1562  
 Mansion House  314-241-9700  
 Real Property Associates  314-361-2955  
 Merchandise mart 314-436-6800  
 Terra Cotta Lofts  314-394-4200  
 Park Pacific  888-614-7426  
Rudman on the Park  314-231-2005  
 Grace Lofts  314-588-1170  
 The Gallery Apartments  314-534-1323  
 The Bogen Lofts  314-241-6644  
 Franklin School Apartments  314-588-1100  
 3949 Apartments  314-289-9000  
 Allen Market Lane Apartments  314-421-5860  
 Dorsa Lofts  314-436-2223  
 Cortona at Forest Park  314-553-9322  
 Loftworks St Louis  314-241-6700  
 Bankers Lofts  314-436-2223  
 Marquette  314-242-1312  
 Laurel  314-707-4041  
Lease Mid Central St Louis County Apartments – Rentals    
 The Dorchester  314-721-8111  
 Clayton on the Park  314-863-7277  
 Barron Realty  314-725-1899  
 Bruce Development  314-880-0900  
 Michelson Realty  314-862-7080  
 Towne House Apartments  855-859-0788  
 Lipton Group  314-863-8000  
 Stanford Place Apartments  314-961-3099  
 Trilogy Apartments  314-991-3150  
 Vanguard Crossing  314-266-0177  
 Villas at Brentwood  314-962-4455  
 Allegro at the Boulevard  314-721-8300  
 Lease West St Louis County Apartments-Rentals    
Orchard Village Apartments  866-272-7181  
 Baxter Crossing  636-332-2000  
 Kohner Properties  314.862.5955  
 Smith Management  314-394-2400  
 KNT Management 877-235-2112  
 Village Green Apartments  636-291-9291  
 Lease South St Louis County Apartments – Rentals    
 Fenton Condos  636-305-8088  
 Butler Hill Apartments  314-842-4781  
 Station Plaza Apartments  314-775-2921  
 Lease St Charles Apartments – Rentals    
 Easton Properties  636.939.3808  
 Streets of St Charles Apartments  636-934-1650