Real Estate Agents

For most St Louisans, making a real estate purchase will be the largest purchase they ever make which is why it’s crucial for you to find the right St Louis real estate agent. Your STL real estate agent will be handling your entire deal and will be responsible for the eventual home that you purchase. Your St Louis real estate agent will call landowners or buyer’s agents and arrange for properties that you can go and visit. Often times, this means that he or she will end up choosing which St Louis properties you have access to. You will be telling your real estate agent what your budget is and how large of a home you require. They will also handle any taxes and add their fees for the services. Some real estate agents do more than others and some charge more so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for the percentage charged by the agent.

STL Real Estate Agents

Tari Brown              314-727-8008 St Louis City, Lafayette,Tower Grove, Soulard
Gwen Chambers     314-808-4737 Jefferson County, Arnold, Imperial, Festus
Cheryl Douglas       314-609-1296 Crawford County, Sullivan, Beaufort, Cuba
Nancy Dumeyer      314-293-1500 South County, Oakville, Mehlville
Laura MacDonald Team 636-534-8205 West County, St. Charles, Chesterfield, Florissant
Adam Kruse 314-210-5115  Maplewood, Central West End, U City
Paul Rueter 314-614-7902  West County, Maryland Heights, Town & Country, St Charles
Evren Senol 314-785-7653  St Louis City, Holly Hills, Bevo, Lemay
Kevin Vetter 314-609-4449 West St. Louis County, Chesterfield,  Des Peres
Debra Weber 314-591-2596 South County, Sunset Hills, Fenton, High Ridge

You can find real estate agents in a wide variety of places. First, the old fashioned telephone book is a great place to look. Second, you can try finding them through online sites. Finally, you can ask your friends and family which real estate agents they recommend. Try to look over different agents online and make notes of your favorite ones so that you can call them for quotes on available houses and what they charge. Obviously, we recommend that you consider the award winning top real estate agents in St Louis featured on STL Real Estate

Qualifications to Look for in a St Louis real estate: It is important to get a real estate agent that you get along with. Try having a quick interview with them and if you dislike him/her then look for another agent. You could be working with your agent for a month or more so make sure you get along. Second, check the prices and what is offered for that price and choose the best price value. Another consideration is that some real estate agents have more available property than others. You should call in advance and check how many options they have within your price range before making a decision.

Website Reviews: Finally, you should check the website reviews of your top list of real estate agents. This is important because it can save you the trouble of hiring someone with bad reviews. The best advice in this case is to go online with a list of 2-5 real estate agents and compare their feedback and qualifications. Choose the one that is most suited to your budget, your situations and make sure to take their feedback into account.

You should also check to make sure that your new real estate agent is a licensed real estate agent in your state. If they do not have a license, they are not a qualified real estate agent and have not been guaranteed as either trustworthy or skilled in anything that you are paying them to do. Make sure that you ask about qualifications before hiring your real estate agent.

Finally, you can relax and visit your potential new St Louis homes safe in the knowledge that you have done your research and hired the right real estate agent!

Remember that the first impression and or curb appeal of your home is the first thing that a prospective buyer sees. Consider improving landscaping or finding a reputable company that does pressure washing in St. Louis.