Maplewood Homes

The population of Maplewood is around 8,000 and the city is part of the Maplewood Richmond Heights school district. Maplewood is one of the first suburbs of St Louis mostly due to the fact that is right on the outskirts of STL city.  Currently supporting a little more than eight thousand people, Maplewood features many historic buildings, streets, and homes that were built around the turn of the 20th century. Manchester is Maplewood’s “main strip” and has a number of unique restaurants, bars and shops. If you haven’t visited Maplewood lately, check it out. You will be glad that you did!

Maplewood Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Greenwood Historic District: Maplewood’s main tourist draw, the Greenwood Historic district features the ‘whistlestop’, from the Missouri Pacific railroad line. While the stop is now defunct, it serves as a historic reminder of St. Louis’ history in the railroad industry. While many of the buildings have been converted, some have also been restored to reflect their original construction, which makes the site an excellent place for historical and architecture lovers. 

Tourist Attractions: Other than the Greenwood Historic District, Maplewood features a bevy of small creative shops, early 1900’s architecture that has been well preserved and cared for, and one of the oldest bowling alleys west of the Mississippi. With a variety of small restaurants, many of which are award winning, as well as a full brewery tour for beer and history lovers, Maplewood is a very quiet town, but can be peaceful and relaxing for anyone looking to explore the history of St. Louis.

Getting to Maplewood: Maplewood is located in inner St. Louis, making it relatively easy to get to. Situated near the city’s famous ‘Forest Park’, Maplewood can be accessed via the I-64/Highway 40 where drivers can simply take the Hampton or McCausland avenues south to Manchester and turn west.

While not generally very exciting, Maplewood is a very clean and beautiful part of St. Louis. With scheduled trash, leaf, and debris pickups, the city is kept in excellent condition by both government and citizens. Houses are well cared for and are often excellent examples of early 1900’s architecture which can be appealing to fans of the era, as well as to architects.